Work with Students


  • Supervision of M.A Students covering maternity leave for Dr. Z. Zhang
  • Committee member: PhD student, Joelle Naglu; and EdD student Marilyn Ott, Habib Ullah, Farah Gonhaim
  • Supervision of Capstone projects in Professional Masters program

    - 57 leadership projects
    - 20 ECE/Multiliteracies projects (Link)

  • Examination

  • Examiner for 3 M.A Exams

    - Xing Meng (2016) A pedagogy of multiliteracies into practice: A case study in grade one literacy classroom.
    - Hanaa Ghannoum (2017) Investigating the place of children's home literacy in the Ontario Kindergarten curriculum: A document analysis.
    - Xiaotang Xing (2017) A case study of Chinese teachers' experiences of multiliteracies and multimodality in teaching young students Chinese literacy in Canada.

  • Examiner for EdD Exam

    - Catherine Zeisner (2016) How principals use resiliency to manage diversity.